At Nutmeg, part of our mission is to serve as a resource for the healthcare community, especially in the area of leadership. Our Resource section seeks to provide current healthcare leaders and “rising stars” important information that truly resonates on all sorts of current and timeless topics, including interviewing tips, career advancement, healthcare trends, and of course, talent attraction, selection and retention.

We remain deeply connected to the healthcare community we serve not only through our daily telephone conversations and in-person meetings with regional healthcare leaders, but also from the feedback we receive through our social networking efforts, our professional associations and memberships and our blog feedback.

We hope you will participate in this rich conversation and lend your unique voice and vision to the mosaic. We also look forward to getting your feedback on our website, our Hot Jobs or any topic that speaks to you in our Blog postings. In the end, we hope you love your job as much as we love ours. And really, that’s what we are all about.