Custom Solutions

Pre-Employment Evaluations  

Let’s face it; some very bad candidates interview very well.  The vast number of disastrous hires made each year is testament to the fact.  That’s why Nutmeg’s staff includes a licensed, state certified, psychologist responsible for undertaking our pre-employment candidate assessments.  At its core the pre-employment assessment is a tool used to objectively evaluate a candidate's work-related abilities, skills and personality indicators.  This report, which is part of Nutmeg’s standard services in its Retained Search option, is not intended to replace your interview team’s sound, reasoned judgment.  Rather, the candidate assessment report is an invaluable interview “tool” that can add significant insight, direction and confidence to your hiring decisions.  Our assessments provide your interview team critical feedback on a candidate’s inherent strengths and challenges and can be specifically tailored to your organization’s own unique vision, core values and culture.  Our assessments are leadership level specific, and are available for the full range of leadership candidates we produce for our clients -- from manager level to C-Suite.   Single tests options along with multiple “test series” options are available, each resulting in an easy to follow written report customized with the amount of supporting details your organization requires.  Our pre-employment assessments will give your organization the best chance to avoid a potentially disastrous hiring error and protect your bottom line.

The HR Outsource Options

For those HR Departments that find them stretched on manpower and recognize the negative effect that delayed candidate follow-up and communication can have on their critical mission, Nutmeg offers an HR Outsourcing Option that is fully customizable to your particular needs and circumstances.  These Options promote the effective completion of a particular task or series of tasks without the expense of a full time hire or in-house consultant.  Nutmeg’s HR Outsource Options include but are not limited to the following services:

  • Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Launching a new initiative but don’t have the HR staff to manage all the aspects of hiring and on-barding tasks at hand?  Let Nutmeg’s consultants temporarily supplement your HR team to handle the related day-to-day recruitment functions, get your initiative off the ground and operational on-time and on budget.  Save your HR team for what they uniquely do for your organization.
  • Bridge Support

Nutmeg’s consultants can be assigned to your HR team to handle the day-to-day recruitment functions to help “bridge” the manpower gap during staff shortages or other similar circumstances, focusing on select candidate avoiding the cost of retaining a full-time employee or in-house consultant.
  • Recruiting / Screening Support

Nutmeg’s consultants can be assigned to your HR team to handle limited aspects of the HR function like interview panel preparation and coordination, candidate sourcing and vetting, or interview, logistical support and liaison services.
  • Credentialing / On-Boarding Support

Nutmeg’s consultant can be assigned to your HR team to help coordinate and drive the process for newly-hired clinicians that require expedited credentialing or licensing reciprocity resulting in a dramatically reduced on-boarding timeframe.