The Nutmeg Difference

We get Results.

95% of the candidates Nutmeg has placed are still employed with our clients after one year of employment. 90% are still employed after four years. With statistics like that, you don’t need a fancy ROI spread sheet to tell you that the services we offer make good business sense. For us, it’s about building long term relationships before fees. Good luck finding that anywhere else.

We’re Professionals too.

Unlike a lot of our competition, every consultant at Nutmeg is a professional.  Our consultant team consists of a physician, an attorney, a psychologist and a social worker. Each consultant brings a level of sophistication, insight and meaningful life experience that is difficult to match individually, but working as a team – dare we say, impossible. Unlike most of our big firm competitors, we don’t hire unsophisticated “sales people” to blindly call as many candidates per day as possible and “see what sticks.” At Nutmeg, only the experienced professionals – the folks with the advance degrees and meaningful life experience -- interact with our candidates. That results in a deeper professional candidate pool with each individual candidate appropriately motivated by your organization’s merits and the opportunity itself, rather than a group of loosely relevant job seekers who have been sold a bill of goods by a “headhunter” desperate to make a commission.

We only do Healthcare.

When you have a serious medical condition, most people choose to entrust their care in the hands of a true “specialist” for a simple reason. Choosing a person whose daily focus, interactions and exposure revolves around solving the challenges that your facing greatly increases your chance of a positive result. It’s no different in healthcare recruitment. At Nutmeg, Healthcare Recruiting is all we do and it’s all we’ve ever done. We are the “specialists.”

We’re Local.

Nutmeg is not a national firm – we’re local to the NY Tri-State area (i.e., New York, Connecticut and New Jersey). We are retained by a limited number of regional healthcare organizations who use us exclusively for many of their higher level searches. Our sterling Client Testimonials and Candidate Testimonials speak for themselves – a lot of nice things have been said about what we do and how we do it.  Our ability to connect with people is no accident.  Each of our consultants was born and/or raised in this neck of the woods. We know the neighborhoods. We drive the same roads and know the shortcuts (sometimes). We share the same regional accents with our candidates (despite our best efforts to shake them). We meet all our clients and candidates personally. Often times, we know our client’s facilities first-hand well before our first official meetings.  We probably have visited friends or relatives who’ve spent time in your ED, Med/Surg floor, Labor and Deliver unit and sometimes even the ICU. This is our backyard and we know our people better than anyone in Austin, TX, Kansas City, MI or San Diego, CA ever could, with all respect. That knowledge translates into deeper relationships, better communication and ultimately, for our clients, better results.

We Listen.

The ability to understand and address a candidate’s personal and professional priorities during the interview process is critical to conveying the true merit and value of opportunity to that candidate. Nutmeg’s own interview and vetting process will often reveal what it is most important in a candidate’s decision making process. That information will allow your team to prepare appropriately for the interview process. When employers take the time to carefully overview those aspects of an opportunity that are most critical to a prospective hire, first-choice candidates often become successful hires.

We Facilitate.

Nutmeg manages interview logistics so that candidates move through the interview process quickly.  Our process diligence decreases the potential for an intervening circumstance that might eliminate the candidate from contention (i.e., a competitor’s offer) and increases the chances of making a first-choice hire.

We Educate.

Some of the best clinical candidates, and even some wonderful administrative candidates, can be fairly inexperienced when it comes to the finer points of interviewing and the career transition process (i.e., how to resign appropriately, how to manage counter-offers, etc.). We take the time to educate our candidates throughout the process so that a candidate’s related emotional considerations do not cloud reasoned judgment, and the candidate’s transition to your organization is smooth and far less stressful for everyone.