The Function Challenge:

Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar: You have a stack of resumes on your desk, but somehow none of them are jumping out at you. None of them are an exact match for what you believe your organization needs to successfully manage the role. Sure there are some hints of match points here and there, but no one seems to have the full package – the education, the critical experience, the track record of success. You wonder whether you’ve marketed the role properly to attract the right candidates. You wonder whether your web posting of the Job Description is even getting any attention from the appropriate candidate pool. Perhaps you’ve ask yourself, “What else should we be doing? How long can we afford to wait? Should we settle for ‘close enough’?”

Nutmeg solves the Function Challenge by focusing its recruitment efforts on candidates that are presently employed in substantially the same role, have a concrete track record of success in meeting the very same objectives that your team faces and are well-respected by their peers. While our candidate database is extensive, we do not rely on any one tool in our toolbox to discover those candidates that stand out from the crowd and are ready for the next-step in their career. Instead we do the hard work. We have the conversations with the right people to find out who are the best people out there for your critical role; we explore with our candidate-targets whether the timing is right for a career transition and, if so, begin the vetting process from there. Our results are uniquely consistent. We are regularly able to produce a panel of candidates with the right education, work experience and track record of success that will allow your team to move forward in their mission with confidence.

The Fit Challenge:

You know the story. A new employee is on-boarded. She seems perfect – all the right degrees, all the right past employers, all the right bullet points on her resume. After the “honeymoon phase” passes, you notice that she just seems to rub folks the wrong way. Maybe it’s her communication style. Maybe it’s her leadership style. Maybe it’s her work ethic. You decide to let things play out a little further before you decide to take any action. As time passes, you notice that your most trusted employees are dropping not-so-subtle hints that maybe your new hire is not working out. You decide to have a chat with this person and, after a short back and forth, it hits you right between the eyes. Even though this person is great “on paper”, she is just not a good “fit” with the rest of the team. You have already invested a lot in on-boarding this person, and it’s going to probably take at least a few months before you can replace her, and in the interim you know her responsibilities are going to fall on you and the rest of your already busy team. As the realities of the situation begins to set in (perhaps combined with the possible guilt of having to let this person go), the self-critical analysis begins to take hold. “She seemed perfect! How did this happen? What should I have done differently? What are we going to do now?”

Nutmeg solves the Fit Challenge by determining, up front, what type of candidate would “fit” best with your institution and your team.  Nutmeg’s search process starts with a careful evaluation of your own business culture and the relevant team members’ unique communication and interpersonal styles. Nutmeg’s services include not only an on-site visit to get a proper feel for your business culture, but an in-person interview with each of the key team members who will work closely with the candidate to determine and clarify exactly what type individual would be effective in the role. Our findings are shared with your team and discussed before any prospective candidate is contacted. Once there is clarity on “fit,” Nutmeg will focus its efforts on producing only those candidates that not only have the critical experience and education needed to meet the role’s challenges, and are also natural compliments to your existing team.

The Speed Challenge:

Don’t tell me, let me guess. You need the right person in that role -- yesterday. Got it. Once Nutmeg is hired to conduct a search, a meeting is immediately scheduled between one of our senior consultants and the key members of your team. A “Search Memorandum” is generated, which includes a point-for-point overview the critical aspects of the role and a “soup to nuts” description of the “ideal candidate.” Depending on the complexity of the search, the depth of the available candidate pool, and the availability of the parties to actually conduct the relevant candidate meetings, a typical search will take approximately eight weeks from search inception to offer. Arrangements can be made to hasten the process even further, when necessary.