Our Process

Before you pay us a dime, we will take the time to meet with your team one-on-one to truly understand your operational needs and organizational culture.  If that takes multiple visits to get it right, that’s what it takes.  We will help you define what type of candidate would excel in your organization, both in terms of function and “fit.”  If we believe we can be effective in meeting your needs, we will tell you why.  If we can’t, we will tell you that too.

When we are retained, we move very quickly to identify the pool of viable candidates already in the same or similar role within a commutable distance to your organization, carefully vetting and presenting only the best, most appropriate candidates for consideration. Depending on the circumstances, search inception through hire can be as short as 8 weeks, and in some cases can even be hastened if necessary.

See The Nutmeg Difference and Fit. Function. Fast. for more details about how we do what we do. Or call us today at 203-426-5555.