Who Better than a Physician to Understand Your Practice’s Needs?

Unlike a lot of our competition, every consultant at Nutmeg is a professional. Our consultant team consists of a practicing physician, an attorney, a psychologist and a social worker. Each consultant brings a level of sophistication, insight and meaningful life experience that is difficult to match individually, but working as a team – dare we say, impossible.

Unlike most of our big firm competitors, we don’t hire unsophisticated “sales people” to blindly call as many candidates per day as possible and “see what sticks.” At Nutmeg, only the experienced professionals – the folks with the advance degrees and meaningful life experience -- interact with our candidates. That results in a deeper professional candidate pool with each individual candidate appropriately motivated by the merits of your organization and the opportunity itself, rather than a group of loosely relevant job seekers who have been sold a bill of goods by a “headhunter” desperate to make a commission.

Our unique ability to leverage the clinical and administrative experience of a licensed, practicing physician to help your practice evaluate and screen potential physician and administrative leadership candidates truly sets Nutmeg apart from virtually any other healthcare recruiting firm. That’s an invaluable “value added” is included in our retained service offering at no additional cost. Good luck finding that kind of candidate insight anywhere else.

So before you pay us a dime, we will take the time to personally meet with your team, deeply understand your practice’s priorities and hiring objectives, and offer a customized solution that will address those priorities within an agreed upon time frame and within your budget. We have a 95% retention rate after one year of employment and a 90% retention rate after four years. Those are some real results.

See for yourself why Our Process has been so effective in bringing the highest quality, on-point candidates to our clients.  Call (203) 426-5555 today to arrange an appointment.