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The “fee-for-services” model is, by most accounts, unsustainable.  Enter the Accountable Care Organization (ACO); an evolving child of federal statute and regulation, itself conceived from the recognition that the ever rising cost of healthcare requires a fundamental change in its delivery.  For those organizations that have taken the first steps toward forming an ACO and have grappled with the truly monumental task at-hand, most will tell you that you need special kind of leaders to drive this new mission.  When its all about building a complex, interconnected network of primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals and other healthcare providers focused on a shared goal of improving quality while simultaneously reducing costs, just having an advanced degree and a respectable healthcare background is probably not going to cut it.  If you get leadership choice wrong, there will be no shared savings at the end of the effort. If your pay provider contract requires you to share risk too, the stakes are even higher.

Effective ACO leaders need to have the “full package:” deep and meaningful leadership experience in both the physician practice and acute care settings, outstanding educational background, a concrete track record of success in meeting the same challenges your organization is facing, and the kind of “soft” people skills that makes the arduous tasks of building trust-based relationships, mentoring subordinates and motivating teams to consistently excel look effortless.  Combine these critical traits with someone who has developed a deep understanding of your community and an innate entrepreneurial spirit, and you have someone that can make a real difference in your ACO’s success.

How do we know?  Simply put, this is not our first rodeo.  We have spent a lot of time understanding the model.  We understand the need to coordinate care across the healthcare spectrum to reduce duplication of services.  We understand the need to invest in IT infrastructure to drive efficiencies and achieve Phase II “meaningful use” objectives. We understand the need to redesign care processes with an eye on clinical “best practices.”  We understand how important it is to strengthen patient satisfaction scores and other quality indicators.  We understand the need for cultural cohesion across the ACO.  In short, we understand the complexity of the task at-hand and have provided our ACO clients with some of the best, most qualified candidates available to meet those challenges.  In fact, many of our ACO candidate placements have excelled in their respective roles and have joined ranks of our clients by hiring us to flesh out the next leadership tier with like-minded and similarly capable professionals; a testament to the quality and utility of our role in leadership team building.  As a further testament of our ability to achieve real results for our clients, 100% of the leadership candidates we have placed in ACO environments are still employed with their organizations. 

Whether you are in need of a physician leader, an operations leader, a finance leader, a quality leader or an IT leader for your ACO effort, Nutmeg has the ability to deliver big.  Before you pay us a dime, we will take the time to personally meet with your team, deeply understand your ACO’s priorities and hiring objectives, and offer a customized solution that will address those priorities within an agreed upon time frame and within your budget. 

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