Great Healthcare Leaders Drive Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction While Reducing Costs.

That mission has always been the priority, but with HCAHPS driving reimbursements, the trend towards Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) and ever increasing competition, your hospital’s success begins and ends with the clear and effective vision offered by senior leadership and the quality and congruence of a clinical and administrative team that can accomplish the mission day after day.  Said another way, if your hospital wants to succeed, it needs to be going in the right direction with the right folks that can get it done.

At Nutmeg, we understand your hospital’s priorities.  Whether it’s improving retention rates, enhancing HCAHPS scores, reducing reliance on agencies and temporary workers, cultivating employee satisfaction, improving patient safety, streamlining the HR process, building a culture of employee accountability and customer service, aligning your workforce with your organization’s mission, driving the Magnet Journey, meeting Joint Commission requirements, overhauling your IT infrastructure to drive efficiencies, improving workforce education and development, or creating a succession planning strategy, Nutmeg can help. 

We understand that for most HR leaders, there is not enough time in the day to focus on all of these priorities and initiatives with the amount of passion and dedication that is needed to really make a difference.  We also understand that budgets are limited; you just can’t pay an agency for all of your staffing needs, especially when the resumes and candidates you are seeing from these agencies often miss the mark.  

So before you pay us a dime, we will take the time to personally meet with your team, deeply understand your hospital’s priorities and hiring objectives, and offer a customized solution that will address those priorities within an agreed upon time frame and within your budget.  We have a 95% retention rate after one year of employment and a 90% retention rate after four years.  Those are some real results.  

See for yourself why Our Process has been so effective in bringing the highest quality, on-point candidates to our clients.  Call (203) 426-5555 today to arrange an appointment.