Only Great Healthcare Leaders Can Do More With Less.

While few know exactly what it is all going to look like, one thing is certain: healthcare reform is coming. For homecare and hospice organizations, the thousands of pages of legislation and associated regulations boil down to a simple concept – “doing more with less.”

“Doing more with less” means retaining healthcare leaders that understand that continuing care providers will likely be forced to accept greater financial risk for outcomes. It means retaining leaders that have a track record of success driving quality initiatives and patient satisfaction. It means retaining healthcare leaders who have a clear history of maximizing operational efficiency and can bring hard-wired, cost savings to bear at all levels of your organization. It means retaining leaders that have the interpersonal skills to foster true collaboration and coordination across the multi-disciplinary team. It means retaining leaders that have the IT experience and knowledge to exercise good judgment and undertake only those technology improvements that materially drive efficiencies. It means retaining leaders that have a track record of leading the discussion among their peers in the areas of regulatory changes and associated risks. It also means retaining leaders that have meaningful ties to the local community, are well-known and respected by referring providers or can jump into the fray with grace and effectiveness.

At Nutmeg, we understand your continuing care organization’s priorities.  We can help you “do more with less” by producing leadership candidates that can guide your organization through the morass and help you thrive where others fall. Before you pay us a dime, we will take the time to personally meet with your team, deeply understand your organization’s priorities and hiring objectives, and offer a customized solution that will address those priorities within an agreed upon time frame and within your budget.  We have a 95% candidate retention rate after one year of employment and a 90% retention rate after four years. Those are real results.

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