Ambulatory Surgery

Decide to Thrive.  Hire the Right ASC Leaders.

We get it. Reimbursements are decreasing. Medicare’s regulatory changes affecting conditions for coverage leave you with lots of paperwork and real questions as to whether your ASC is going to pass CMS survey. Let us not forget to mention the impending Medicare quality reporting program that you are not quite prepared for and the increasing hard line you are getting from payors on implant reimbursements. With all that to deal with, your ASC is also faced with a dearth of quality physician, clinical and administrative staff often drawn away by your local hospital’s often stronger salaries and benefit packages. Combine all that with having to compete with your community hospital’s outpatient surgery department that is reimbursed at a much higher rate than your ASC for the same exact case and it’s easy to see why you may be under a lot of pressure.

At Nutmeg, we understand that paying a recruiter to help you staff your ASC is a significant investment. It has to pay off to be worth the risk. But how can you be sure? Well, what would it be worth to you if your staff had the wherewithal to adhere start times and keep your pre-op nurses, anesthesiologists, circulators, surgical assistants and post-operative specialists actively working and productive? What would it be worth to you if your staff had the skill to benchmark and track room utilization to consistently maximize throughput and have the confidence to respectfully challenge you to implement the changes needed? What about having an administrator who understood how to organize your ASC to have the right reimbursement mix to maximize the benefits of both commercial payors and Medicare? What about having a staff that was happy, motivated and worked in harmony day after day? What about having an organizational culture that, across the board, was inherently warm, friendly and patient-centered? What is that worth to your organization? To your ability to be successful?

If you said, “everything,” then hiring Nutmeg to help you staff your clinical and administrative leadership team is worth the risk. Before you pay us a dime, we will take the time to personally meet with you, deeply understand your ASC’s priorities and hiring objectives, and offer a customized solution that will address those priorities within an agreed upon time frame and within your budget. We have a 95% retention rate after one year of employment and a 90% retention rate after four years. Those are real results.

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