The Process

Depending on the type of search we are conducting (i.e., Retained Search or Performance Search), the search process from our clients’ perspective generally includes the following steps:

Step 1 – Search Memorandum: 

  • Once Nutmeg is formally engaged, we will meet with your HR designee and other appropriate team members to get a deep understanding of your organization’s culture, its mission and vision, its pride-points and challenges. We will also delve beyond the four corners of a standard job description to get a real understanding of the role, its essential functions and the personal intangibles that make up ideal candidate “fit.” A formal Search Memorandum is then drafted and presented to your ream for review and approval.

Step 2 – Candidate Sourcing and Initial Vetting:

  • Once the Search Memorandum is finalized, Nutmeg will source the pool of appropriate candidates within a commutable distance from our client’s facility carefully vetting those candidates against the criteria set forth in the Search Memorandum. Appropriate candidates who have expressed enthusiastic interest in the opportunity are then personally interviewed by experienced Nutmeg consultants and their references verified. Additionally, candidates are cross checked against the Federal OIG Exclusion Program list.

Step 3 – Candidate Presentation:

  • Depending on the depth of the available candidate pool, Nutmeg will present a meaningful panel of viable and qualified candidates for consideration. Depending on the Placement Services option chosen, Nutmeg’s presentation may include not only an updated copy of the candidate’s resume, written reference reports and OIG Exclusion Program screening, but also the results of a psychologist administered Pre-Employment Evaluation, and a comprehensive yet succinct Executive Summary Report (including a recent photograph of the candidate), highlighting the most critical aspects of Fit and Function as outlined in the Search Memorandum. The Executive Summary Report also includes Nutmeg’s own insight into the candidate’s personal values and career objectives, and will give your team the framework to quickly prepare for your candidate meetings and focus on what is most important while developing true congruency with the candidate.

Step 4 – Learn How To “Get Them To Love You:”

  • Nutmeg’s experienced consultants will provide on-site interview training and coordination to your entire interview team consistent with the principals of our exclusive “Getting Them To Love You” methodology. “Getting Them To Love You” is an easy to follow, five step plan exclusive to Nutmeg that will not only help your team quickly prepare for the substance of candidate interviews, but also teach them how to convey an opportunity’s personal and professional value within a positive and welcoming interview framework giving you the best opportunity to make your first choice candidate your next enthusiastic hire.

Step 5 – Interview Logistics and Candidate Feedback: 

  • Once your team is ready to meet some of our candidates, Nutmeg will work closely with your staff to schedule candidate meetings based on established timeframes. Candidate post-interview feedback will be immediately shared with your team’s designee so that next-steps are appropriate and effective.

Step 6 – Offer Stage:

  • Once you are ready to move to offer on a candidate, Nutmeg will confirm the offer details with you, verbally present the offer, negotiate any remaining offer items and secure the candidate’s verbal response. If the candidate of choice verbally accepts, we will work with your team to formalize the written offer and facilitate the candidate’s offer’s written acknowledgment.

Step 7 – Reference and Background Checks:

  • Nutmeg will collect three additional professional references including the candidate’s current supervisor, a past supervisor and a peer as well as any addition background checks required.

Step 8 – Start-Date and Related Logistics:

  • While references and background checks are underway, Nutmeg will confirm a host of logistical items with you team related to the candidate’s on-boarding, including but not limited to resignation from current employment, start-date, vacation dates and all similar miscellaneous items to facilitate a smooth and stress free transition for both parties.

Step 9 – Credentialing / Licensing Reciprocity:

  • When relevant, Nutmeg will work closely with you, the candidate and all related third parties to help coordinate and facilitate a speedy credentialing and/or licensing reciprocity process so that the candidate’s on-boarding occurs within the expected timeframe.

Step 10 – Post-Employment Follow-Up: 

  • Every few weeks after the candidate is on-boarded, Nutmeg will check in with you as well as the candidate to see how everything is working out. If there are any concerns on either side, we will work diligently yet diplomatically behind the scenes to make sure that issues are resolved to the extent possible so that the new relationship flourishes and lasts. That is our commitment to our clients.