For Clients

For us at Nutmeg, it’s all about old-school values. Success through discipline, integrity and hard work. When we started our company, we decided that we were only going to bring “quality to quality;” the best candidates to the best organizations; no exceptions. Life was too short, we decided, to do anything we didn’t enjoy or wouldn’t be proud of. We don’t need to make 1000 placements a year to make a respectable living. In fact, we will recommend to our clients to “pull’ a candidate from consideration if we observe any behavior during the process that raises a red flag. If we wouldn’t hire the candidate, we are not going to suggest that you should.

Instead, we prefer to work at a steady pace for a handful of loyal healthcare clients who understand what we do, trust our advice and value the uniqueness of our services. We will never hire inexperienced, pushy “headhunters” to source “low hanging fruit” and try and pass it off as quality as does the vast majority of our competition. In our judgment, getting a recruiting call from these types of sales people only tarnishes our clients’ hard earned reputations and cheapens the importance of the roles they seek to fill. Instead, virtually all of our candidate and client interactions are made at the “owner” level. The buck starts and stops with us. That’s our commitment to our clients.

Nutmeg provides permanent candidate placement services for Acute Care / Hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Physician Practices, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) and Homecare and Hospice organizations throughout the Tri-State area (Connecticut, New York and New Jersey). We focus primarily on candidates that are located within a commutable distance from our clients’ facilities, and will conduct regional and even national candidate searches, as required.

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