The Process

Depending on the type of search we are conducting, “the process” from the candidate’s perspective generally includes the following steps:

Step 1: Resume and Initial Reference Check. 

  • After an initial conversation to discuss the particulars of the role and whether the timing of a possible career transition is appropriate, we will need an updated copy of your resume in MS Word format along with at least two professional references with current contact information.

Step 2: Resume Review. 

  • After your professional references are verified, we will review your resume for substantive and format accuracy and completeness and work closely with you to make any appropriate revisions and amendments to accurately reflect the full quality of your candidacy.

Step 3. Informal Meeting. 

  • After your resume is in “final form,” we will schedule an informal meeting with you to more deeply discuss the role, its key challenges and attributes, as well as any compelling features and benefits offered by the employer. We will also take the time to get a better understanding of your own career history and accomplishments beyond what is expressed on your resume and help you gain clarity on your own professional goals and objectives moving forward.

Step 4. Interview. 

  • In consultation with our counterpart on the employer’s side, we will coordinate each round of in-person meetings with one or more of the individuals responsible for candidate evaluation. That first interview round typically involves a meeting with a Human Resources representative and one or more members of the administrative and/or clinical team, as the case may be. Some employers utilize leadership aptitude surveys or similar objective testing tools to aid in the evaluation process, to which you may be required to participate as a candidate for the role. Depending on the employer, there are typically between two and four interview “rounds,” each lasting anywhere from an hour to an entire business day.

Step 5. The Offer. 

  • If you are the “candidate of choice,” Nutmeg will verbally present the employment offer to you, help negotiate any outstanding items, as appropriate, and confirm your decision with our counterpart on the employer’s side. The employer will provide a written “offer letter” confirming the terms of the offer once your verbal acceptance is confirmed.

Step 6. Reference and Background Checks. 

  • Once you have confirmed your acceptance to the employer in writing, we will require three additional professional references including your current supervisor, a past supervisor and a peer. We will also require additional personal information needed to conduct appropriate background checks as required by the employer.

Step 7. Start-Date and Related Logistics. 

  • While your references and background checks are underway, we will confirm a host of logistical items with you related to your on-boarding with your new employer, including but not limited to resignation from your current employment, preferred start-date, established vacation dates and all similar miscellaneous items to facilitate a smooth and stress free transition for both parties.

Step 8. Credentialing / Licensing Reciprocity. 

  • When relevant, Nutmeg will work closely with you and all related third parties to help coordinate and facilitate a speedy credentialing and/or licensing reciprocity process so that your on-boarding will occur within the expected timeframe.

Step 9. Post Employment Follow-Up. 

  • Every few weeks after your start date for several months, expect a call from your consultant just to check in with you to see how everything is working out in your new role. If there are any unexpected concerns, we will work diligently yet diplomatically behind the scenes to make sure that all the representations made to you during the interview process are honored and that you are being treated fairly and with respect. That is our commitment to our candidates.