ICU Nurses (eves / nights)

LOCATION:  Fairfield County, CT

ORGANIZATION:  Acute Care Hospital


POSSIBLE 15K SIGN-ON for nurses with CTICU experience. 

ICU RN's needed for Night Shift - 3-12's, rotating weekends.  Shift is 7P-7A, rotates weekends and holidays (every other weekend), unit has a scheduling committee and do self-scheduling which allows flexibility.  CCRN +

Pay is substantially increased by 4 hrs evening differential and 8 hrs. night differential.


  • Using capital expenditures for new auto pumps for medications
  • "Artic Sun" hypothermia machine using gel pads 
  • Impella Pump for patients moving from cath lab to ICU (off loading device for left ventricle)-implementation phase
  • "Smart Room" to help with workloads, compiles workloads for nursing-staff can document by bedside w/EMR and patients can get emails from family members-this
  • "Capnography" - new device to measure CO2 (retention of CO2) using this ICP monitor
  • New more automated system for cardiac index/output monitoring for post-op patients.
  • Respiratory therapy live on unit with 1-2 staff members per shift with no need to page them.  Can do blood gases on unit.
  • Growing bed capacity from 16 to 24. 
  • State of the art technology and better work flow. 
  • These roles give nurses opportunity to experience growth, precept and train, including an opportunity to advance on clinical ladder program after 1 year of service. 
  • Open heart program has been growing and cardiac volumes have been increasing.   


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