For Candidates

If you’ve been contacted by one of our search consultants or researchers, please consider it the highest professional compliment. Our contacting you likely means that someone who has worked with you or who otherwise knows of your reputation for professional excellence and personal integrity has recommended you as appropriate for a leadership role for which we have been retained.

Some candidates inherently “get it” and engage us in a discreet and professional dialog to explore not only the details of the role but, importantly, whether the timing for career advancement is appropriate. Others perhaps somehow feel they are being disloyal to their institution and their existing team by even entertaining these types of discussions, notwithstanding the fact that most of their own superiors (to whom they offer this loyalty) maintain close professional relationships with recruiters who regularly keep them advised of possible “next steps” in their respective careers. Wherever you may fall in this cross-section, please know this about our fundamental recruiting philosophy: if the timing or the role itself just isn’t right for you, there is nothing to be gained by “forcing a square peg in a round hole;” not for you and not for a prospective new employer. It has to be right for everyone.

However, if feel you have reached a point in your professional career or personal life when an advancement opportunity might be welcomed, a conversation with one of our consultants is the first step to possibly changing your reality for the better. You will never know until you know, so just relax and chat with us a while. It’s all good.